3DEXPERIENCE Admin Guide: Invite your PLM Group consultant to your tenant

Sometimes figuring out issues with 3DEXPERIENCE requires that the PLM Group consultant studies the problem in your environment. For this, the best way is for you to invite them to join your tenant without consuming any roles from your tenant.

This is a rather quick process but does require you to have Administrator rights in the platform, so make sure you have those before attempting this or requesting your Administrator to perform this action.

  1. Limiting data access of your tenant (optional)

    PLM Group consultants will not abuse your data in any way or send it to 3rd parties without your permission, but it can be understandable that you do not want to share all data with our consultants.

    Limiting data access in 3DEXPERIENCE is done via 3DSpaces, by default all tenants give all users access to the 3DSpace "Common Space", if you have data where you want to keep private you can either a) disable this feature or b) remove the "Common Space" from the PLM Group consultant who you invite to the platform.

    a) Disable the access to Common Space

    b) Remove the "Common Space" from PLM Group consultant

    After inviting the consultant to the platform, go to the 3DSpace app, find "Common Space" and remove the consultant from there.

    Now the consultant has no access to any data in your tenant, next you need to identify what 3DSpace you want to give to the consultant, you can either make a new blank one where you temporarily move the data that needs to be studied or give the consultant access to the 3DSpace, where the data to be studied is located.
  2. Enabling invitations to tenant without granting licenses

    Next, we want to make sure we are able to invite the PLM Group consultant to our platform without consuming any of your licenses, for this, we need to enable a platform setting that enables us to do that.

  3. Inviting PLM Group consultant to your platform

    a) Start inviting members as you would normally

    b) Add your consultant details and required user rights and go to next

    c) Select the licenses the consultant needs (They will inform you about these)


    Select a license from the left bar and take the "Assign License" option off.

    Proceed normally after licenses, this should give your consultant an invitation to the platform.
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