Voting of SOLIDWORKS enhancement requests



SOLIDWORKS releases a new software version from its products yearly. New features and functions is mainly based on the enhancement requests created by SOLIDWORKS users.


SOLIDWORKS users under subscription services can create those enhancement requests, which is instructed in THIS LINK. But if the request has already been created by someone else, it is possible to vote for that request. That increases the priority of the request.


Here is the instruction to vote for specific enhancement request for SOLIDWORKS products.


1. Login to SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal with your email address and your password. If you have not created your account yet, press the link "Create a SOLIDWORKS ID" and follow the instructions to create the account. You can also check THIS LINK that instructs you with creating account.



2. From the section "MY SUPPORT", select the link "Enhancement Requests".


Note: If your SOLIDWORKS license is on subscription but there are "lock icons" in front of all links, please use "Register my products" command to register your products. See THIS LINK to get help with registering products.



3. Search for specific request with ID-number that starts with prefix "SPR" and click the search result.



4. Press the button "Vote for This Enhancement".



5. Fill in the required information and press the "Submit" button. You will receive a notification "Enhancement Request Confirmation" meaning that the voting is successful.



6. You will receive an email with confirmation about the voted enhancement request. You will also receive email notification if this enhancement request will be implemented in some SOLIDWORKS software version.



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