What to do when DraftSight workstation changes or gets broken?

This information is valid for users running DraftSight Standard, Professional or Premium version that use standalone licensing.

When changing the DraftSight workstation, it is important to deactivate the DraftSight license in old workstation before activating license in a new workstation.

License is deactivated by selecting "Deactivate DraftSight..." from dropdown menu seen in picture below. Then follow the onscreen instructions to finish the deactivation. Make sure that you will get a message that license has been deactivated successfully.


Once you have deactivated DraftSight license successfully, you are able to install DraftSight and activate the license in a new workstation.

When your DraftSight workstation (usually hard drive) gets broken and you have to replace the hard drive or get a new workstation, DraftSight license gets stuck and it is not possible to deactivate the license. In this situation, please send email to one of the email addresses listed below. Please note that there is a specific email address to be used for each DraftSight license. 

Standard version: DraftSight.Standard.Online@3ds.com

Professional version: DraftSight.Professional.Online@3ds.com

Premium version: DraftSight.Premium.Online@3ds.com

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