How to embed components in your Markforged composite prints

Did you know that we are able to predefine a pause at certains layers when printing on the Markforged composite printers? This opens for a lot of opportunities, like embedding components such as hardware items, magnets, batteries etc. into your designs.

  1. In your CAD program, model in open spaces for the hardware that you want to add later.


  1. In Eiger (Internal View), Use 2D view and find the last layer for the open space before it gets closed by the top surface and select Pause After Layer (Top right). This will, as shown in the pictures below, add a square on top of your timeline to show where the pause is located.


  1. Then, when the part is printing, you will get an email when it has paused, and you can then remove the build plate from the printer, insert the hardware, add glue, put the build plate back into the printer av continue printing.


  1. When the print is finished, you will have a part with hardware embedded into the geometry.


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