3DEXPERIENCE - Quick Start Guide for Admins

Step 1 - Activating the 3DEXPERIENCE tenant and roles

After purchasing the first roles for the platform, you will receive an email with a link to access your new 3DEXPERIENCE tenant. Click link in the blue box to Launch your 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. The email will look similar to the following:



Upon clicking the link a browser tab will open prompting you to either log in to your existing 3DEXPERIENCE ID (If you previously had a SOLIDWORKS ID this can be used for logging in here) or to create a new 3DEXPERIENCE ID:


After logging in you will be greeted by a dialog window informing you, that you are about to become the first User and Administrator of your 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, to accept this click "Make Me Administrator". NOTE: It is important that this is done by the person who will be acting as the Admin of your tenant, since clicking the button will automatically assign licenses to the 3DEXPERIENCE ID used. This licenses cannot be transferred to anyone else for 30 days.


After clicking the "Make Me Administrator" button, you will be presented with the CLOSA (Customer License and Online Services Agreement). Read through and click "Accept":

Now your 3DEXPERIENCE tenant is active and ready to use. You will automatically be redirected to your 3DEXPERIENCE Platform tenant. It is recommended that you bookmark the URL for your tenant for easy access.



Step 2 - Inviting new users and assigning roles

To add new users to your company's 3DEXPERIENCE tenant, go to your "Platform Management" dashboard. On the "Members"-tab, navigate to "Invite & Grant Roles" and click "Invite members".



Fill in the "User email", specify "User right" from the dropdown-menu, specify "User location" from the dropdown-menu and specify "Invitation Email language" from the dropdown-menu. You can also choose to write a "Personalized message" for the new user. When satisfied with your choices click "Next".



Now it's time for assigning roles to the new user. Every new user on the tenant will automatically be assigned the "Collaborative Business Innovator" role, this cannot be unchecked. Assign any additional roles from the "Available roles with licenses"-list. Some roles like the "Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS" has other roles as prerequisites. When assigning one of these roles the prerequisite role will automatically be assigned as well. When you have assigned the appropriate roles, click "Next".



On the next page, assign any additional apps the new user needs to have access to, and click "Next".



An invite will now be sent to the new user.



Step 3 - Using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as an Admin/Platform Manager

As a Platform Manager your role is to administer and setup your company's 3DEXPERIENCE environment as well as keep track of users, assigned roles and user rights.

To get the best start we recommend the following e-learning material:


Explore the Platform Manager role (https://eduspace.3ds.com/CompanionManager/ui/index_lms.html?lpId=223511&lang=en&rc_Type=8&lexType=1&utm_source=10473_2_5&utm_medium=por_crs&utm_campaign=C223511&ticket=ST-9242388-dI6e3JWw5VCyyiPEIlAD-cas)

Basic Administration Review and Setup (https://my.solidworks.com/training/master/1004/basic-administration-review-and-setup)


For additional information and e-learning material concerning general use of the platform and other roles, please refer to this article - 3DEXPERIENCE - Quick Start Guide for Users


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