Why do I have different colours on my folder in the PDM local view?

The folders in PDM can be in different colours depending on if you work on-line or off-line.



Green folders indicate that user have live connection to the PDM server and all features are permitted/functional

Blue folders indicate that user is “working Off-line”. That allows the user to work with the file located on his local drive but do not permit check-in / check-out or other features which involves requesting things from the server.

This offline feature is useful if you need to work at home and you have not a working VPN connection towards the PDM server network. Normally the user should use “get latest version” on all the documents he intends to work with and also perform a check-out on the documents he wants to make changes to before leaving the office. When back at the office turn on the “work on-line” function via Tools menu and the client computer will sync with the server and the folders will once again change colour to green.

Grey folders usually indicate that the folder is not accessible to the logged in user.


That can happen if:

  1. The logged in user has no permission to view the other folders, only CAD folder (see picture)

The logical question is why seeing the folder in the first place? Because at some point another user with permissions have logged in to this computer and accessed the folder and PDM has created a local cache.

  1. It has been recently deleted but a local cache version is still on this computer.



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