Dimensional Accuracy Markforged Composite printers

Dimensional accuracy is a function of part geometry, fiber usage, material, layer resolution, humidity, and machine condition. In general, it is best practice to follow the guidelines listed in the Composites Design Guide when printing composite parts.

Markforged composite printers have demonstrated accuracy to within the below tolerance specifications. These specifications are reported at the 2σ confidence interval, meaning that 95% of measured values across multiple printers, builds, and features fell within this tolerance range, according to internal testing and analysis.




Desktop Series

X, Y

+/- 250um or 0.25%


+/- 100um or 0.15%

Industrial Series

X, Y

+/- 150um or 0.2%


+/- 100um or 0.1%


  1. Accuracy based on axis-aligned measurements across multiple printers, builds, and features
  2. Accuracy stated as whichever is greater and based on internal testing of select geometries printed in Onyx using default 100um layer height and print settings, with conditioning performed consistent with ASTM D618 Procedure A prior to measurement
  3. Values applicable for printers manufactured after February 2021 and following proper maintenance procedures


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