How to use "Collect Support Information" command


PLM Group Support might ask you to collect information to be able to investigate questions related to SOLIDWORKS PDM. See the instructions below how to use "Collect Support Information" command to gather all useful information to be sent to PLM Group Support.


1. Launch SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool.



2. Double-click (or right-click and select "Connect") on your PDM vault seen in the tree to login to vault. Use you "administrator" user name and password and select "Log In".



3. Right-click on your PDM vault and select the option "Collect Support Information".



4. "Collect Support Information" dialog opens.


Section "Collect Logs and Settings":

This section is important. Make sure that all checkboxes for different logs have a checkmark. Then press "Next".



Section "Collect Archives":

This section is optional. But if the question/issue is related to specific file/files inside PDM, it can be useful to add archives of this file to this "Collect Support Information" package. In that case use "Add Files" button to add files or "Add Folder" to add whole folder.



Section "Create SQL Backup":

This section is optional as well. Always keep the option "Do not create a backup file" selected unless PLM Group Support persons asks you to create a backup of SQL database. Please note that SQL database backup (resulting *.bak file) is generated to folder in PDM server and it is not included in this "Collect Support Information" package.



Section "Add Additional Information":

This section is optional as well. It is possible to write additional information but it is not required.



Section "Create Package":

This is the final section where you browse and select the folder where the package is saved. You can check the option "Open the folder where the file is stored" to access the saved package faster.



5. Send the "Collect Support Information" package to PLM Group Support.








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