How to use BOM options in configurations

When working with subassembly BOMs you can sometimes experience one of the following issues:

➊ Your parts does not appear on the BOM, only the subassembly

➋ Or your subassembly does not appear on the BOM


In most cases these issues appear due to a radio button in the configuration of the subassembly. To fix this, open the configuration properties and go to the ”Bill of material options”.

Now you can choose how the assembly is shown in the BOM, when it is used as a subassembly. You have 3 display options:

○ ”Show” which is default and shows the BOM as per usual

○ ”Hide” which hides the parts of the subassembly completely in the BOM

○ ”Promote” which only shows the parts of the subassembly but not the subassembly itself




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