Change sheet format

To change the sheet format you need to have it saved and having a template with the right sheet format is not enough.  

A template contains both the sheet format and settings in tools options, as well as other settings. If you want to add a sheet or change the sheet format you need to save the sheet format. The most simple way to do this, if you have it in a template is to open a new document with the right size, then you click

File > Save Sheet Format... 


Prefferably you save the sheet format in the folder you have set in tools options, or where you have other templates etc. 


To be able to change to the saved sheet format, you right click on your drawing sheet and click on Properties...

You now get to choose the sheet format you saved from the list (if you saved it in the right folder) or you can browse for it in the location where you saved it. 

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