Hardware requirements for SOLIDWORKS

When you need to update or buy new hardware (PC) for SOLIDWORKS you need to consider what is your main use.

Requirements depends on what kind of programs you run. For example Visualize require a better graphics card and Simulation require a bit more memory and better processor.


PLM Group do not recommend any specific brand or supplier. But you need to find a certified graphics card and components for your computer. This is often easier to get from i.e HP, Dell and Lenovo.


You cannot run SolidWorks on Apple computers and if you manage to do it, then we, on the support, cannot help you if there are some issues that might be the caused by the system.


To acquire a new computer for SOLIDWORKS you need to check:


1.  System Requirements for SOLIDWORKS



2.  Graphics Card for SOLIDWORKS

When you are going to choose a graphics card go to SolidWorks.com -> Support -> System Requirements -> Graphics Card drivers.

Here you can enter those cards that you are about to choose from and see if there are any certified drivers for that specific card.

If you cannot find any drivers for that graphics card and that version of SolidWorks it is best not to choose that card.

When it comes to the graphics card, it is not recommended to go for a gaming card for example Geforce GTX 2080, they would most likely work, but you cannot find any certified drivers, and this is not optimal for SolidWorks and can cause graphical issues.


Additional information

Here is the page where you can see peoples results in the Benchmark:



An external page where they explain the different parts and what to think about:



You can also find the Ebook regarding choosing hardware at PLM Group website


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