How to open Assembly without crashing

Try in SolidWorks: File open and select the assembly file. Do not open yet. (Can also be done from Home, hotkey R).


Here you have several choices for how files are opened. For example, you can (at the bottom right) sort by part, assembly, drawing or top assembly. Try the 3 methods below.

  1. References show which parties and sub-assemblies the assembly will open. See if the paths to the files are correct. Here can also the paths or parts be exchanged. Try to open the individual parts or sub-assemblies before opening the main assembly. It is usually the last part you put in the assembly that causes the error. Check that there are no faults in these parts before opening the main assembly.


  1. If the assembly has several configurations, try opening another configuration. Fix it as in method three.


  1. Select the <Advanced> configuration (down arrow). Press Open. A new windows is opening, see picture under.


Select "New configuration showing assembly structure only" and name the configuration Empty (for example). Press OK. Now a new configuration is created with the name Empty and assembly is opened with all parties and sub-assemblies suppressed.


Unsuppress parties or groups of parties and assemblies until you see which party is causing the problem. It is possible that the assembly is crashing now but check the files that were last unsuppressed and that create the problem. Fix the problem that is having problems or delete it from assembly and insert it again.

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