How to save and restore SOLIDWORKS user settings


SOLIDWORKS user settings can be really easily saved. Saving settings is really useful when changing the workstation, for example.


To save SOLIDWORKS settings:


1. Select "Tools > Save/Restore Settings...".



2. SOLIDWORKS Copy Settings Wizard opens. Select "Save Settings".



3. Select where to save the settings. You can change the directory from "Browse" button.

Select which settings you want to save. By default, all settings are selected and this is the most common situation. Press "Finish" to save the settings to *.sldreg file.



4. Now your settings have been saved in *.sldreg file. Backup this file so that you do not lose it.


To restore settings:


1. Close SOLIDWORKS and find the previously saved *.sldreg file.


2. Double-click the *.sldreg file.



3. SOLIDWORKS Copy Settings Wizard opens. Now you have this saved *.sldreg file already selected. You do not have to select it anymore via "Browse" button. Select which settings you want to restore. Sometimes, for example when you are switching to a new workstation with different screen resolution and/or dual-monitor setup, restoring "Toolbar layout" and "Menu customization" might cause problems in new workstation, because some menus or dialogs might open at incorrect location on the screen. Then it is best practise to restore only "System options". Press "Next".

Note: if you have multiple SOLIDWORKS versions installed in the workstation, you will also see an option to select the version you would like to restore settings to.



4. Select if the restoring of settings will apply to only the current user (you) or to other users as well. By default, the setting "Current user" is selected. This is the most common and recommended option.

Press "Next".



5. Press "Finish".

Note: You have an option to create backup file (*.sldreg file) of the current settings. This is not usually needed when you have a new workstation with SOLIDWORKS default settings and you are now restoring the settings that you have saved in your other workstation. But it doesn't also cause problems if you check the option "Create backup..." if you are not sure do you want to keep the current settings.



6. Now you have restored the settings and you can open SOLIDWORKS.



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