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SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium version owners heads UP!

As you might have heard SOLIDWORKS is releasing the new document management tool SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard with SOLIDWORKS 2016, it works in a similar manner to SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, which has been renamed to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional for the 2016 release.

Capabilities of the new PDM Standard:

• DraftSight add-in
• Single Workflow
• Workflow States are limited to 10
• eDrawings preview
• Integrated search tool
• Notifications – PDM Inbox
• SQL Server Express support
• Revision schemes are limited to 2
• Version free variables


SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard also replaces SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM, which is set to be discontinued in the 2018 release.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is included with SOLIDWORKS 2016 Professional and Premium licenses, and it’s possible to migrate all your Workgroup PDM vault into a SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard vault. PLM Group will be able to assist with this process to ensure that your very valuable design Intellectual Property is maintained and protected.

How do you activate SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard licenses?

Licenses will be handled by a SolidNetWork License (SNL) Manager. This is the same utility that SOLIDWORKS network licenses use.  A CAD Editor license will be available for each seat of SOLIDWORKS 2016 Professional and Premium license owned. A serial number will be assigned to each eligible SOLIDWORKS 2016 license. To get the serial numbers for SOLIDWORKS PDM standard, call PLM Group and we will assist you how to get started with your new PDM standard solution.

Interested in painless move to secured data management?


Our PDM specialists can  provide you with direction on the tools and techniques that are available for migrating to SOLIDWORKS 2016 PDM Standard.




Value Solution Manager, PLM Group

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