How to export SOLIDWORKS PDM vault settings


SOLIDWORKS PDM vault settings can be easily exported. See the instructions below how to export PDM vault settings to an external *.cex file.


1. Launch SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool.



2. Double-click (or right-click and select "Connect") on your PDM vault seen in the tree to login to vault. Use you "administrator" user name and password and select "Log In".



3. Right-click on your PDM vault and select the option "Export".



4. Select "File" menu and select "Save as". Keep the default file name or specify a customized file name for this *.cex file and press "Save".



Vault settings have now been successfully saved to *.cex file. PLM Group Support might ask you to send this *.cex file when solving questions related to SOLIDWORKS PDM.



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