SOLIDWORKS viewer - STL-files in 3D Builder

  • Do you need to send models to your subcontractors or customers so they can see what the model looks like?
  • Do you want to make sure they do not have access to the model history?
  • Do they have neither SOLIDWORKS nor the ability to install other viewers?

Then the solution may be to convert the model file to an STL file, which can then be opened in 3D Builder. 3D Builder is pre-installed in Windows 10 and allows users to build and print various 3D objects.

Save the file as STL in SOLIDWORKS:



  1. File ➜ Save as
  2. Select STL (*.stl) under ”Save as type” then click on ”Options”
  3. Select ”Binary” with the right ”Unit”
  4. Select ”Fine” in the field ”Resolution”
  5. Save


You can open STL-files in different ways:

  • With Windows Start ➜ 3D Builder:



  • By right-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer ➜ Open with ➜ 3D Builder:



The model in 3D Builder:



Download and read about 3D Builder here

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