Tip: Change material on all parts at once

Henrik Jonsson
Technical Consultant
PLM Group, Karlstad

Here is a practical tip if you want to change material on all parts in an entire collection. For example, you will be sure that you get the right density on all parts - even in all sub-assemblies.
You have probably been in the situation, if you open a multi-part STEP file. Once you have opened the collection, follow these simple steps:

1. Right-click on the background in SolidWorks and select "Advanced Select"

Change material in solidworks


2. Select “Category = Document name — SolidWorks Special” and “Condition = contains” and “Value = sldprt”.

Click on "Apply"

3. Close “Advanced Selection” using the cross in the upper right corner.
4. Right-click again on the background and select Material as well as the material you want.


5. If you have a lot of parts, then it takes some time for SolidWorks to put material on all of them.
6. Now all parts have received the selected material.

Translated by Jan Egil Bæver

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