Downloading SOLIDWORKS installation files via PLM Group Downloads page


Follow these instructions to download SOLIDWORKS installation files via PLM Group Downloads page.


1. Go to PLM Group Downloads page.


2. Select the correct link of the version you want to download. Save and launch the setup file.



3. SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager starts. Select the option ”Download and share all files...”.



4. If needed, select the target folder of the downloaded files by selecting the link ”Change” (folder is "Documents" > "SOLIDWORKS Downloads" by default). Start downloading the files by selecting the link ”Download Now”.


Installation Manager will give a notification when files have been downloaded completely.


TIP: If SOLIDWORKS software is going to be installed in multiple workstations, copy the folder of downloaded installation files to external hard drive, server or some other sharable location that can be accessed by those workstations when SOLIDWORKS is going to be installed. So it is not needed to download the installation files over and over again in each workstation.



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