How to create a 3DEXPERIENCE ID

Updated: 2023-07-10


This blog aims to help our new and old SOLIDWORKS users alike by providing a guide on how to create a 3DEXPERIENCE ID, which is access giving for all subscription services. 


1. How to create a new 3DEXPERIENCE ID?

Previously, the creation of a SOLIDWORKS ID with the following registration of products could be a lenghty affair - But not anymore!


The old SOLIDWORKS ID has been replaced with the 3DEXPERIENCE ID - Here's how to create one:


Go to, click on on the person icon in the upper right corner:


This will bring you to the creation of your 3DEXPERIENCE ID, click "Create your 3DEXPERIENCE ID":

NB! If you already have a SOLIDWORKS ID, then log in with this instead!


Fill out the form and click "Register":


Shortly after inputting your data you will receive an email with a confirmation link. This is the last step to activate the account.

You have now created your 3DEXPERIENCE ID!


Your company's Administrator will now have to add you to the Company account - See section 3 for this!


2. How to download the SOLIDWORKS software?

Once logged in, go to Downloads | Support | SOLIDWORKS

Here you can choose the desired version and service pack from the dropdown list.

It is also possible to see the latest updates from the last 3 versions:

On the left side menu you can find installation FAQ.
You can also find installation and administration guide for all the products there.


3. For the Company Administrator - Adding users to the Company's account

This is the last, but most important step in the user's 3DEXPERIENCE ID creation, as this gives access to all subscription services like the Knowledge Database,, etc.


As the Administrator you will log on to the DSx Client Care and Order portal: DSx Client Care and Order

Follow this procedure:

  1. Click Contact Administrationfrom the Main Menu
  2. Add the contact
  3. Assign a role. Generally, the “Support Restricted” role is appropriate for most SOLIDWORKS users.

And that's it, the user will now have a fully functioning 3DEXPERIENCE ID with all that includes. 


For even more information on the transition from SOLIDWORKS ID to 3DEXPERIENCE ID, please visit these links:

DSx Client Care and Order

Transition to 3DEXPERIENCE ID

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