How to upgrade SOLIDWORKS license server


Before upgrading the license server, please make sure that the new version meets the system requirements.


1. Download the installation files via PLM Group Downloads page.

Installation files contain the source files for both the license server installation and client workstation installation.
License server software (SolidNetwork License Manager) version can be newer than SOLIDWORKS version in the client workstation. But it cannot be older than the SOLIDWORKS version in client workstation. SolidNetwork License Manager's service pack version can be older though.


2. Go to a server that hosts SOLIDWORKS network license and has SolidNetwork License Manager installed. You can go to a server physically or use remote-desktop connection to connect to server if that is possible in your network setup.

3. Launch the installation from Setup.exe file. Just for safety, use the option "Run as administrator".



4. Installation Manager opens. Select the option ”Install Server Components” and check the option ”Upgrade SolidNetwork License Manager”.

Press "Next".



5. Accept the license terms and select ”Install Now”.



6. Wait until the software is installed and finally press ”Finish”.



6. Launch ”SolidNetwork License Manager”.



7. Software informst that the license has not been activated. Select ”Yes” and press ”Next”.



8. Select the option ”Automatically over the internet” and type your email address if it has not already typed. Press ”Next”. Wait until the license has been activated. Successful activation gives the message ”Activation/Reactivation Succeeded”.


9. SolidNetworkLicense Manager has now been upgraded. SOLIDWORKS client workstation that has the same or older major version installed can now connect to this license server.

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