How to reactivate SOLIDWORKS license server


When SOLIDWORKS workstation is using SOLIDWORKS network license (SNL), workstation is connected to a server (or workstation acting as server) that hosts company's SOLIDWORKS licenses through a software called SolidNetwork License Manager (SNL Manager).


When a new license is bought to existing network license "pool", SNL Manager in the server/workstation needs to be reactivated to get that newly bought license into a list of available licenses.


Please re-activate SOLIDWORKS license server by following these instructions:


1. Go to a server that hosts SOLIDWORKS network license and has SolidNetwork License Manager installed. You can go to a server physically or use remote-desktop connection to connect to server if that is possible in your network setup.


2. Launch SolidNetwork License Manager.



3. Select "Server Administration" tab and press "Modify".



4. Select the option "Activate/Reactivate your product license(s)".



5. Do not change any settings in "SolidNetWork License Server Information" tab and press "Next".



6. Press "Select All" to select all licenses. Select the option "Automatically over the internet...". Type your email address and finally press "Next".



7. Wait for few seconds until you get a confirmation that all licenses have been successfully activated.

Press "Finish".



Now all licenses have been successfully reactivated. All newly bought licenses have become available for users.

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