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This blog text aims to help our old and new SOLIDWORKS users by providing answers to the most frequently asked question.

You can find answers to questions like:

1. How to create a new SOLIDWORKS account?

Go to www.solidworks.com, click on on the person icon on the right upper corner and choose SW Customer Portal.

This will take you to the log in page where you can also create a new account.

To create a new SOLIDWORKS account choose Create a SOLIDWORKS ID.

Also make sure you mark yourself as a customer (as you can see it is also possible to create an account without a customer status, for example to visit my.solidworks portal), enter your email address and SOLIDWORKS serial number.

Read through it once more, make sure the data you entered is accurate and then confirm.

Finally, insert your personal data (such as full name and password) and then you are done.

Right after approving your data you will receive an email with the confirmation link. This is the last step to activate the account.

2. How to download new SOLIDWORKS version?

Once you have logged in to the customer portal you can start downloading products.

All SOLIDWORKS products can be found in one installation package that you can find by clicking on Downloads and Updates.

Now you can choose the right version and service pack. It is also possible to see the latest updates here.

On the left side menu you can find FAQ.
You can also find installation and administration guide for all the products there.

On the upper side of the page you can choose your SOLIDWORKS version from the drop-down menu. It allows to see all updates from the last 3 versions.

3. How to add products to my account?

If you log in and see padlocks everywhere besides one link then you have to register one SOLIDWORKS product via that same link.

Click on Register My Products and enter your serial number.

In the next window choose the right product version.

If the list turns out to be too long then use the scrolling function to move around.
Confirm the selection and you are done.


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