PLM Group Support Information and Service Level Agreement

Opening hours

Support is available for customers with a valid subscription agreement, during business workdays in the 7 countries shown below:


Our support emails shown above and our user portal is available for messages, services request, forwarding files and other support related communication.


What we need from you when you contact us (Customer Info)

Each support request should, as a minimum include:

  • Contact information
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • SOLIDWORKS version (20XX)
  • Actual service pack (SPX.X)
  • You statement of being or not being willing to receive English support via our global support in order to receive help faster in case of backlog in your country.
  • Description of your inquiry


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

While the Purchaser has a valid Subscription to the Products, the Purchaser is entitled to Support from the Reseller.

The Reseller deliver support and error tracking to specific defined issues in the SOLIDWORKS Software. 

The Reseller will send issued information (files, correspondence, photos, etc.)  without further noticeto Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corp., unless a signed NDA is claimed in beforehand. 

The Reseller can, with assistance from Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corp, troubleshoot specific, well-defined defects and deficiencies in the SOLIDWORKS software.

The Reseller do have the possibility of presenting solutions to specific customer task, which cannot be solved during general support, based on hourly charged consultancy. Assistance to specific tasks mentioned below is considered consultancy and will not be covered by regular support.

  • Installation 
  • Upgrades of installations 
  • Model design and/or creation 
  • Setup of templates 
  • Creating and editing macros 
  • Define rules and flows
  • Simulation (setup, calculation, verification etc.) 
  • IT and hardware related issues 
  • PDM and HostPLM setup and/or modification of a present PDM and/or HostPLM setup 
  • 3DEXPERIENCE setup and/or modifications of existing 3DEXPERIENCE environment
  • Upgrading file databases and/or physical files 

For other issues considered not to be covered by general support (eg. due to complexity and/or priority of tickets), the Reseller may present the Purchaser with general guidelines for the use of SOLIDWORKS software and the standard functionality within.

The Purchaser has the task and responsibility of understanding and implementing these guidelines / instructions in the specific, customer related task. 

The Reseller can also provide access and share knowledge from both the Reseller’s and SOLIDWORKS knowledge base and user community. 

Similarly, The Reseller can recommend training sessions or consultancy to The Purchaser if such a need is identified and not covered by general support.

The Reseller can forward detailed error tracking procedures to the Purchaser for implementation in order to solve the specific issue, prior to any further support.

The Support is open on business days as specified on the Reseller’s website at any given

The Support is applicable for Purchaser’s questions regarding the functionality of the Products. Any added customizations or Services that the Purchaser has bought from the Reseller shall not be part of the Product and will hence not be included in the Support.

The Support is applicable for the functionality of the current product version and two versions prior to the date of the Agreement. The Support does not include any future updates unless a subscription is valid.

The Purchaser acknowledges that, in giving any opinion or advice, the Reseller relies on the information provided by the Purchaser. Accordingly, the Purchaser undertakes to provide complete and accurate information about anything that is or may be relevant to the Support and to provide such other information as the Reseller may reasonably request.

The Reseller does not warrant that the Support is able to resolve the Purchaser’s problem with the functionality of the Product. Furthermore, the Reseller does not give any warranties regarding the connection time between the Purchaser and the Support.

In the event Support is requested, the Purchaser shall take all necessary action to ensure that its technology is protected. The Purchaser is responsible for creating and maintaining current and complete back-up files, logins, passwords, etc. for any Purchaser data and programs that may be affected by the Reseller’s support.




To prioritize all incoming support cases our technical support agents will, based on the information specified by the ticket creator at your company, evaluate the impact of the present issue, according to the following prioritization of the guidelines provided by SOLIDWORKS: 



The software is not operational, no viable workaround exists, and/or the customer’s business is severely impacted. Typically, the issue is not isolated to specific files, but rather can be reproduced with multiple customer datasets. 



A major software function is inoperable or not working as designed, work can continue but with significant impact to the business operations. Typically, the issue is not isolated to specific files, but rather can be reproduced with multiple customer datasets. 



A software function is inoperable or not working as designed, work can continue with moderate impact to the business operations. 



No loss of functionality, this can be a documentation error, poor error message, etc. This has no business impact on the customer. 



General questions regarding use and/or administration of supported programs 



The support is often done by using ”TeamViewer” – a software application creating a secured tunnel between the customer and our support technician. The PLM TeamViewer can be downloaded here ( and Support will guide you through the installation process if needed.

I case the issue cannot be solved during the on-line session, our support technician will collect the data needed, from the customers system, attempting to recreate the issue on in a secure PLM environment.


PLM phone support 

All customer calls are registered, for us to following-up on each customer issue.


Support directly from SOLIDWORKS

In case support is needed, we recommend all customers to contact us during opening hours, before requesting support directly from SOLIDWORKS.

It is, however, possible to contact SOLIDWORKS Support, by logging in to their web site, creating a service request, searching in the knowledge data base or download installation files and/or upgrades.

Login can be made on 


Enhancement requests

SOLIDWORKS is entirely based on customer requests, and requests are driving the development of the software

Is vital, that all ideas, suggestions and questions are reported to us or to SOLIDWORKS. The more information of customers’ requests, the greater the chance of having the required feature build in to a coming version of the software.



Non-disclosure agreement – NDA

All customer data will – of course – be treated as confidential by PLM Group and SOLIDWORKS. If a formal agreement (e.g. an NDA) is to be signed prior to the exchange of vital data it can be done based on a case-by-case evaluation.




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