Checklist - Live online training

Welcome to PLM Group live online training.

Here is a checklist of what you need to attend.                                                                                                Please go through this checklist before the training starts and contact us if you have any questions or need of help.                                                                                                                                                  Unfortunately, we have limited capabilities to help you with e.g. installation of SOLIDWORKS and/or add-ins when the training has started. We therefore urge you to contact our support at least a couple of days before the training, if you need assistance with any of the sort. If your company are using network licenses it might be a good idea to use borrow license in the license manager for the length of the training you are taking, to ensure availability.



For start time and end time of training, please see above. During the training there will be a lunchbreak as well as shorter coffee breaks.

We recommend you to join the meeting some minutes earlier in the morning to establish the TeamViewer contact – we will open the meeting 15 minutes before training starts.

Computer with Teams installed

We use Teams to conduct the training, so you can see the instructor’s screen and for communication. You will receive an invitation from us before the training starts.

We highly recommend you to download the Teams app before the training starts.

Computer with TeamViewer installed 

To make sure all participants are using the same version of SOLIDWORKS and that all settings are the same we use TeamViewer to enable you to connect to our training computers. This also ensures that we do not run into any licensing issues. Make sure you have your ID and password available at the start of the training.

If you do not have TeamViewer installed, you can use our client version from our web page (password is pre-programmed).

You can choose to work in your own environment but be aware of that some settings might be different. You also need to prepare the training files on your own machine, see next category. We still recommend that you have TeamViewer installed.

Training Files for the appropriate course

These can be downloaded from SOLIDWORKS here. Unzip the files on the computer you will use prior to the training. 

If you are connected to the computers of PLM Group all training files are prepared so you do not have to prepare anything.

Two Screens 

We highly recommend that you use two screens, one for SOLIDWORKS and one to see the instructor’s screen. This will make it much easier for you to follow along with the training.

Internet access at a speed of 10 Mb/s or better 

If you know you have a slow connection and are wondering if it is fast enough for the training, please contact us. 

A microphone and preferably a camera if you have 

We recommend that you use a headset to reduce noise

Training manual  
If an eBook is included in your training, it has been sent to your email address with a code and an activation instruction.

The eBook reader requires installation of software on your computer and you might need to contact your IT department for help.

We strongly recommend that you install the reader in good time before the training starts.

eBook – First-time installation and how to download

If you have purchased a printed book, it has been sent to the address you specified when signing up for the training.

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