SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing Discontinuation

SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing is a "named-user" licensing model introduced with SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP0.0 as an alternative to machine-based activation licenses.

However, the vast majority of our clients continue to use machine activation. Given the low adoption of online licensing, SOLIDWORKS corporation have decided to discontinue SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing.

The target phase-out date is February 12th, 2022.

For SOLIDWORKS 2018 to SOLIDWORKS 2021 users:

SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing will continue to be available until the phase-out date.

SOLIDWORKS recommend that SOLIDWORKS Administrators plan ahead and work with users to switch their online licenses back to machine activation - directly from the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal - before the phase-out date. Administrators can identify the products configured to use online licensing in the Products tab by doing the following: Under Activated, check the Online Licensing filter and click Search.

After the phase-out date, users will automatically be switched to machine activation when they start SOLIDWORKS. This process will take a few minutes and should not result in any downtime.

For SOLIDWORKS 2022 users:

Online licensing is not available. SOLIDWORKS 2022 products will not use online licensing if enabled. Before running SOLIDWORKS 2022 products, administrators need to change the activation type to machine activation in the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal.

Additionally, users cannot install SOLIDWORKS 2022 products with the Login feature in the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager. Users will need to enter serial numbers manually.

Moving SOLIDWORKS to a different machine:

If users need to move SOLIDWORKS products to a different machine, users will need to activate and deactivate licenses manually.

Thank you for your understanding and attention to this change. If you have any questions, please contact your our support or contact SOLIDWORKS directly in the SOLIDWORKS Connect community.

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