How to troubleshoot DraftSight performance issues


Please follow these steps to troubleshoot DraftSight performance issues, such as DraftSight software crashing or not responding or graphics working incorrectly (drawn lines not displaying etc.).


1. Unplug all additional display monitors and docking station if there are any.


The first thing to do is to test if the issue appears also when there is only one monitor in use and when using laptop, it is not connected to docking station. Please try to work for a while with this one-monitor setup and observe if the same issues still appear. If the issues seem to disappear, then issue is likely related to multi-monitor setup or docking station. It requires further investigation to locate the root cause, but usually the issue is more or less related to graphics card. If the issue persists, it is not related to multi-monitor setup or using docking station. Move on to step 2.


2. Change the graphics card driver if it is not currently the recommended one. SEE THIS ARTICLE!


3. If you are using laptop, SEE THIS ARTICLE to check if DraftSight uses wrong graphics card.


4. Try to see if resetting DraftSight user settings resolves the issue. SEE THIS ARTICLE!


5. If you are not using the latest DraftSight version, download the latest version of DraftSight and install it to see if the issue disappears.

Note: In case of Enterprise and Enterprise Plus version and when upgrading to new major version, license server needs to be upgraded as well.


If these steps mentioned above does not resolve your DraftSight performance issues, please read this:

If you are using DraftSight Professional or Premium version bought from web shop, please join DraftSight Community to get help for these issues. Joining to community is free. PLM Group offers support for PLM Group customers only but can offer invoiced consultancy for other users in special situations.

If you are using DraftSight Enterprise or Enterprise Plus versions bought from PLM Group, please contact PLM Group technical support to get help for these issues. You can still join DraftSight Community.

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