How to send the CUSTOMTOOLS log files to PLM Group Support


CUSTOMTOOLS software stores log events that might be useful when investigating issues related to CUSTOMTOOLS.

When requested, please send these log files to PLM Group support:


Event Viewer "License log" and "Software log"


1. Launch Windows Event Viewer.

Hint: You can launch Event Viewer by typing text eventvwr" in WIndows Search bar.



2. Select the license log (ATR Soft Licensing) and save it as *.evtx file as seen in picture below.

Note: You can type any file name.



3. Select the software log (CUSTOMTOOLS) and save it as *.evtx file as well.

Note: You can type any file name.



4. Send both *.evtx files to PLM Group Support.



CUSTOMTOOLS Performance log


1. Go to Windows File Explorer view (the view where you can see the files in your computer).


2. Copy-paste this address to File Explorer address bar and press "Enter". You will now see the folder called "CUSTOMTOOLS".

%localappdata%\ATR Soft Oy



3. Zip this folder "CUSTOMTOOLS" to *.zip format and send it to PLM Group Support.

NOTE: If file size exceeds 20 MB, it cannot be send via email. In that case inform PLM Group Support and we will create a separate link where you can upload the file.



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