How to deactivate CUSTOMTOOLS Administration license


Please follow these instructions to deactivate CUSTOMTOOLS Administration license. Please note that CUSTOMTOOLS Administration is a separate tool to administrate CUSTOMTOOLS databases, profiles, users and user permissions. It is not the same tool as CUSTOMTOOLS Client add-in that works inside SOLIWORKS. If you don't have CUSTOMTOOLS Administration software installed and you are about to deactivate only the license of CUSTOMTOOLS Client add-in, please SEE THIS ARTICLE.


1. Launch CUSTOMTOOLS Administration from Windows programs.



2. Press the icon "Manage CUSTOMTOOLS Licenses" from upper right corner of the software window.



3. Select the option "Transfer License" and press "Next".mceclip2.png


4. Please make sure that you receive the message "Product transferred successfully". Press the "Finish" button. Program closes and license is now deactivated.






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