eBook – First-time installation and how to download

This guide contains information on how to download and install eBooks from SOLIDWORKS.
There are a few steps involved as you first need to log in or create an account with SOLIDWORKS to be able to download and install the software to view the eBooks, register the license and finally download the eBook itself.

1. The first step is to go to my.solidworks.com and click on Log In at the top of the menu.

2. The next step is to either use your existing account or to create a new one via Create a 3DExperience ID.

3. After logging in, navigate to Training Manuals via the menu. Here an email address must be filled in followed by the serial number of the eBook that has been sent out in the email.

If you have a physical copy of a book, you can get it as an eBook. On the inside cover you will find the serial number.

4. With all info filled in, click on Access secure eBook as shown above the picture of the physical book. 

5. An email from swebooks@dsgraphics.com- will now be sent to you. If it hasn't arrived, please check your spam folder to make sure it hasn't been sent there.


What to do now is to download and install a PDF viewer called Locklizard Safeguard PDF Viewer. Note that admin rights on the Windows account are needed to avoid later problems with installation and registration.

The steps shown in the email are important to follow in correct order. Click on the link for the operating system used to get the correct version of the Viewer. In this example, the link for Windows is used.

This opens the following page where the software can be downloaded, and the file type exe is selected for download.

Once the installation file has been downloaded choose to open it to start the installation and proceed with Next.

Please accept the Terms of this license agreement to proceed.

Typical is selected to get default settings such as version, language, and installation location on the hard disk.

A summary of the installation is displayed and selecting Install will start installing the software in the specified location.

When the installation is complete, click Finish.


Once you have completed step 1, you will be switched back to the email from swebooks@dsgraphics.com to proceed to step 2.



Click on the License link to download and register the license for the eBook.

The link opens the browser and downloads the license file automatically. When the download is complete, the file is opened via the download bar in the browser or from the folder it was downloaded to.

Via the browser:

Via the folder the file is saved in: either double-click or right-click -> open to run the registration.


After opening the file, the registration process starts.

When it is finished, the following message will appear telling you that the registration is successful.

The last step is to download the book itself. Step 3 in the email from swebooks@dsgraphics.com.



This link corresponds to the eBook for the current serial number that was filled in at the beginning.

In this example a serial number is used for the Weldments book, therefore the link is called Weldments.

Also, this link opens the browser and starts downloading the eBook.

Once the download is complete, it can be opened in the same way as the previous file. Either through the browser's download bar or by double-clicking the file in the folder it is saved in.

This will open the program installed in the first step and the eBook will be displayed. Browsing in the book is done with the scroll wheel down/up on the mouse. It is also possible to use the page up/page down or the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the pages.

The menu on the left is divided into chapters and is interactive. This can help with quick navigation in the eBook.

To register for more eBook licences, repeat the steps on pages 1 and 2 to have the licence and eBook emailed to you.

The license and the eBook can be attached to the email sent out and if you already have Locklizard installed, you do not need to follow the links in the email but instead save the attached files and select Home -> Register License via Locklizard. This will open a box where you can select an additional license to register.



When opening eBooks that have been registered and downloaded, you can also use Home -> Open Document to open them directly through Locklizard.

An eBook can be used on up to 3 devices but only displayed on 1 device at a time. Internet connection must be available when opening the eBook but after the license has been loaded and the eBook has been opened, it can be used offline.


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