In this guide we will explain how you will find the release notes on the platform updates for 3DExperience.

You can either use a already placed 3DSwym app or place a new one and keep both of them since you can have one connected to a different tenant even if you work on your own tenant.

When you choose to either place a new one or change the already placed one press the arrow in the upper right corner and select “Preferences”.



Now when you are in the settings page for the placed application you will then choose "Dassault Systémes" in the drop-down menu. This will then change which tenant this application will fetch its information from.



After you have clicked save you will now see different communities than before when you had it connected to your own tenant.

To find the community which is the one that posts the updates we will need to search for it but first we need to press “Show all” so we can see all communities that are available to you.



Now then all of the communities are listed it is now time to search for the right one.

To search you will need to press the arrow on the right side in the search field and choose “Search in current tab”.



This will then pop up a new field which lets you type in what you are going to search for.

What you will need to search for is “Platform user”. Now three results will appear and the one called “3DEXPERIENCE platform user’s community” is the one that has the update information. To make it more simple next time you are going to check for these you can add the community to your favourites by pressing the arrow and choose “Add as favorite”.



When you have added it to your favourites then select it in the list to the left and then press the Wiki pages icon which is the green one. This you will find in the upper right corner of the application.

This lets you filter on only the informational post they have posted.



On the right side of the application, you will now see a list of posts. Expand the “Last Major and Minor 3DEXPERIENCE platform updates” and you will be able to then choose between major or minor updates.

If you expand one of these, you will then see the latest updates and if you press one of these you will be send to this post which then includes information and links about this update.



Below you can see how one of these post looks like, the three images in the bottom of the post are links to their respective category.




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Joakim Karlsson

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