3DEXPERIENCE Admin Guide: How to invite external users

This short guide will show you the steps needed to be able to invite external user to your 3DExperience platform without giving one of your own roles to that user.

This is a rather quick process but does require you to have Administrator rights on the platform, so make sure you have those before attempting this or requesting your Administrator to perform this action.


Follow the steps below to perform this invite:


1. Login to your platform.

Login | 3DEXPERIENCE ID | Dassault Systèmes (3ds.com)


2. Click on the three dashes in the upper left corner to access the Dashboard menu.


3. Select the ”Platform Management” dashboard and then go to the Members tab, here you will find a few other tabs and here you need to go to the  ”Configure Members Options”. Enable the setting called ”Allow administrators to grant roles without assigning automatically the associated license”.

If you have already done this setting in a previous external invite you don't have to do it again since it is already set.



4. Switch back to the tab called “Invite & Grant Roles” and press the big blue button called ”Invite members”.


5. Type in the email-address of the user you want to invite and change the ”User right” to external, if the user is going to be a Platform manager as well then you can then choose ”Administrator” instead,  press ”Next” to assign roles to the user.



6. Make sure that the user gets the roles called ”3DSwymer” and ”Collaborative Industry Innovator”. If there are any other roles the user should have, assign them here as well. If the user is only going to help with the administrative parts then the user only needs the 3DSwymer and Collaborative Industry Innovator role.

Disable the ”Assign License” on all roles that the user will bring with them into your platform. Press ”Next”.


7. On the last step called Additional Apps you don’t need to check any of them, so all you need to do is to press ”Invite”.


Now the user that you have invited have received an email and can get access to your platform.

If the external user you invite to your platform still gets the message "Access denied".

It could be that their platform doesn't allow the user to bring their roles to any other platforms than their own.

In that case they need to change a setting on that user you are inviting.

To change this setting they need to go to setting on that user by pressing the icon "i".


Then they need to go to the "View roles granted" and uncheck the setting that says "Restrict Usage to this Platform".


If this setting is unchecked it will then allow that user to bring that/those roles to a different tenant.


Limiting data access of your tenant (optional)

PLM Group consultants will not abuse your data in any way or send it to 3rd parties without your permission, but it can be understandable that you do not want to share all data with our consultants.

Limiting data access in 3DEXPERIENCE is done via 3DSpaces, by default all tenants give all users access to the 3DSpace "Common Space", if you have data where you want to keep private you can either:

a) disable this feature


b) remove the "Common Space" from the PLM Group consultant who you invite to the platform

a) Disable the access to Common Space
OBS. This setting has to be disabled before inviting the user.

b) Remove the "Common Space" from PLM Group consultant

After inviting the consultant to the platform, go to the 3DSpace app, find "Common Space" and remove the consultant from there.

Now the consultant has no access to any data in your tenant, next you need to identify what 3DSpace you want to give to the consultant, you can either make a new blank one where you temporarily move the data that needs to be studied or give the consultant access to the 3DSpace, where the data to be studied is located.

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