3DEXPERIENCE Tutorial: How to create and assign tasks (part 1)

How to use tasks with Collaborative Business Innovator in 3DEXPERIENCE


You need to handle out assignments;
we have tools to distribute tasks.

On the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you can create and assign tasks to structure your own and your colleague’s work through a user-friendly user interface – fast and simple.

To start creating and assigning tasks, first drag-n-drop the “Collaborative Tasks” application from the application pane into the dashboard. Then resize it to fit.


Once the application has loaded, you can either click on the blue “+” button at the top or simply start typing in the field right next to it to create a new task.


After you’ve entered a name for the task you have two options:

  • “Add” – will simply add a task with the specified name.
  • “Add and Open – will also open the task for further editing. For example, when you want to assign someone to the task.

You can edit the task even if you click the “Add” option. This is just one of many ways the 3DEXPERIENCE platform removes extra steps to make things smoother.


In the task settings there are several different options. You can for example add a description to the task to further explain what’s expected or what to do You can also control the maturity of the task (i.e. is it to be done, in progress or done) and estimated time required to execute the task.

Note though that if you scroll down, you have even more options to assign someone to the task. You can also add attachments (e.g. a PDF with requirements) and there is a possibility (and this is a big one in my opinion) to attach deliverables to the task – including CAD files!

This means that when you have created the CAD files for a project, you can attach them as deliverables.

Once you’re finished with all settings you simply click “Save”. Whoever is assigned to the task gets a notification, that there is a task to do, and it will appear in the Collaborative Tasks application for the assignee.


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